About Us!

Best Betts Pools, LLC is a small family owned business based out of Allenstown, NH. Chris Betts, the owner, has been in the pool business since 1998. In 2003 he decided to take his years of experience and turn them into Best Betts Pools. Chris started with one pick up truck and hand written invoices. He wanted to have his own company to see what he could do in the pool industry. Then the happy customer list started to grow. He prides himself in his work. We do not sub contract any of our pool work. You will have the owner of the business on every job. Sometimes that hurts us because we can not be in more then one place at once. The good thing about that though, is we know that the one place we are in is going to be done the best it could ever be.

When you call the office you will speak to Jessica. She handles all of the scheduling, billing and questions you may have. Again, because we pride ourselves in taking care of our customers ourselves, if she is unavailable you will have to leave a message. She will return your call as soon as she can; there is no one else that you will be talking with. We also communicate by email, text and FaceBook, because we know how busy every day life can get!

We put our heart and soul into this business, it has become our life. We have started from almost nothing and every year we grow a little more. We love what we do and can’t wait to show you. When you become a Best Betts Pools’ customer, we want you to stay a Best Betts Pools’ customer for life.